Open Data

It is possible to present activity and opportunity data from SportSuite on your own products. We currently offer data from two modules: Activity Finder (sessions such as zumba, football training etc), and Events (one-off opportunities such as an open day, course, competition etc), although we are looking to open more modules over time.

SportSuite Activity Finder Data

Our Activity Finder data is freely available via the OpenActive platform. To access it for your own uses, please direct your developers to the link below.

SportSuite Events Data

Our Events data is freely available via our website. Your developers just need to request an API key to access your chosen feed, and then they can present the data in your product as per the license agreement.

OpenActive Data Feed

SportSuite shares our data on the OpenActive website so that others can use it on their own websites. However lots of other organisations share their data too using open access API feeds.

If your organisation has the development staff to manually implement each of the 20+ API feeds into your website (so you can have all the data) then that's great! But if you would like SportSuite to do the hard work for you - we have a single feed of all the collated data available for just £450 + vat per year. The cost is to cover the ongoing maintenance of the feed and additions of extra API's when they become available on the OpenActive website. Please contact us on if this is of interest.

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