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SportSuite Newsletters


Newsletter List

  • Create an unlimited number of newsletter lists to segment your database and send out targeted newsletters
  • Create public newsletter lists that users can opt-in to receive
  • Create several newsletter lists from Reports that you generate in the Reporting Tool

Creating Newsletters

  • The SportSuite Newsletter module includes one template to suit your branding
  • The design of the template must stay the same, however, the colour of the newsletter can be changed to help distinguish between different newsletters, e.g. orange for coaching, blue for volunteering, etc.
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Automatically populate your newsletters from existing SportSuite content, create content "from scratch" or a combination of both
  • Send test versions to yourself and colleagues for review
  • Schedule your newsletters or send straight away
  • Set permission levels so that some admin members can create newsletters but require another admin to check and send

Newsletter Reports

  • Overview of the performance of all sent newsletters including recipients, delivery number, bounced email, number opened and the open rate
  • Visual graph displaying opens vs. clicks within the first 24 hours after the newsletter is sent
  • View your top clicked links
  • See which users engaged with your newsletter

Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Save on staff capacity by sharing the workload! This application provides the ability for different staff members to create newsletters and content - all of which can be approved and scheduled later by a lead staff member
  • Maintain a number of pre-designed newsletter templates for various topics that still come under your organisations branding specifications, i.e. funding newsletters, sport-specific newsletters or volunteering newsletters

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By just entering an activity and location, your users will be presented with everything they need to know about activities within the area, such as links to available courses to make it as easy as possible for them to get involved!

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