What is SportSuite?

Make Your Website a Team Player

SportSuite is a set of web modules designed by, with, and for Sport and Physical Activity Organisations. Very much centred around its users, SportSuite makes your website work harder giving you more time to focus on the fun stuff!

SportSuite Forms



  • Ability to archive and re-instate surveys
  • Can create templates to be re-used
  • Access overview stats for individual surveys
  • Ability to lock forms to allow access to only a single admin for data security purposes if required
  • Ability to make a direct copy of a form and amend details
  • Create unlimited instances of a form
  • Create surveys open for anyone to complete, lock them down so only registered users can complete, or even send to specific target audiences from your database
  • Create friendly URLs
  • Can ensure data is anonymised if required
  • Can encrypt the data if required
  • Can send out invitations to invite people to take part and track their response
  • Set up reminder emails to go to admins when a survey is about to close
  • Customise the thank you message
  • Refer people to another page on your website upon completion to keep the engagement on your website
  • On / Off switch for email receipts to both admins and users
  • Create follow-up instances to track responses over time, e.g. baseline, 3 months, 6 months, etc.
  • Create user groups in your database from respondents for use in other SportSuite modules
  • Download recipients and responses in CSV files
  • Send out reminder invitations to users that have not completed your survey
  • View users that have been sent invitations and if they have completed the survey
  • View responses individually
  • Basic questions already in the form builder
  • View our question bank of common questions
  • Fully customisable forms - you choose the questions, responses and format
  • Question logic to change questions dependent on responses to a previous question
  • Ability to split forms up over multiple pages
  • Ability to add text and images
  • Ability to preview the form before sending it out to users
  • Can edit the form at any point, even after it has been sent out
  • Users have a "My Surveys" area in their dashboard to access any forms that have been asked to complete
  • Users are also provided with a widget builder to be able to embed surveys on to pages of your website


  • Link registers to Local Authorities, Venues, Sports, Physical Activities, Programmes and / or Organisations
  • Automatically generate registers from bookings made in SportSuite Events and SportSuite ActivityFinder
  • Add sessions and participants to registers at any point
  • Mobile-friendly so that attendance can be marked out and about by instructors
  • Search your database, import spreadsheets of users, or add users individually on the day to registers
  • Option to create accounts for users that are now already in your database
  • Give your coaches, leaders, instructors the ability to mark attendance in your registers
  • Add notes about individual sessions in the register
  • Ability to link to the coach's SportSuite Workforce profile as coaching hours
  • Demographic reporting of users available in the Reporting Tool
  • Data pulled into each individual's analytics page for a single view of a user in SportSuite
  • Enable reminder notifications to encourage the coach, leader, instructor to complete the register

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