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If you have any questions about SportSuite or any of its modules, we may already have this covered for you.

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How can I add volunteer opportunities?

Firstly, you need to work your way through the form which you will find on 'My Profile' on the SportSuite Dashboard and then select 'Volunteering' and then 'Add Activity', to add the volunteer opportunity onto the system (Similar to adding a coaching opportunity). The more of the form you provide the more the opportunity is cross promoted across the SportSuite system. Look at the question 'How can I manage internal volunteer opportunities' for more information.

How can I convert my SportSuite Profile to a Microsoft Word document from a PDF?

When you select the 'SportSuite Profile (PDF)' button on the your or/and the user(s) personal detail section it automatically downloads as a PDF document. Once you select the PDF document you need to open the document with Adobe Acrobat DC or the equivalent Adobe Acrobat on your device. Once the profile is opened on the right hand side you need to select 'Convert to Microsoft Word', once this is complete you can re-save your document as a Word document.

How can I log coaching activities?

To log coaching activity the user can either click the 'log activity' button in the box for the relevant qualification, or there is a log activity button at the bottom of the coaching profile in the 'coaching activity' section. They will then need to fill in the following questions relating to the particular session that they are logging hours for. After that, the user can fill in the needed sections which include name of programme, coaching details, organisation details and selecting the date. When all this is completed the user can click 'Save' to finish.

How can I manage internal volunteer opportunities?

When adding specific roles to a volunteer opportunity you have the option to restrict applications to a certain user group in SportSuite Core. For example you may have a role which you only want your leadership academy to apply for. Then if the user clicks the 'apply now' button and for whatever reason they do not meet the requirements, or are not in a particular user group then they will not be able to apply for the role. Once a user has submitted an application the admin who set up the opportunity will receive a notification in their dashboard. Next, on the opportunities page click the 'view applications' button to view any application that have been submitted. All applications will then appear and you are able to view each application individually or download all as an excel file. If you have SportSuite forms then you are also able to use this application process to create a register for the event on the day, and mark attendance of the volunteers. Once you have reviewed an application, you can send them a personalised response through the system and set their status as successful, pending, or unsuccessful.

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If you have any questions about SportSuite or any of its modules, we may already have this covered for you.