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tagged "SS Registers"

How can I add a new session on SportSuite Registers?

Sessions can be added one at a time, or for re-occurring sessions you can add them in bulk (if they follow a set pattern – i.e daily, monthly, every other month etc.) Name each individual session to easily distinguish between them and adding a single session at a time brings up a new line underneath the previous sessions.

When you select 'add multiple sessions' there are a few questions that need to be answered to generate the sessions.Once you have selected the 'repeats' then 'repeats every' drops down. For example to repeat everyday select '1' as shown. To repeat every other day for example then you would select '2'. Also, you can select how long the sessions repeats occur for. Once you click 'generate' then all the session will appear in the session list, so that you can name them. At this point if the dates are not quite right then they can be easily edited, or even deleted.

How can I mark attendance on SportSuite Registers?

You can mark each individual's attendance in the overview screen for all activity session. Firstly, search for specific participants. Next, hover over each box to select a 'tick' or 'cross' and mark participants attendance. Then, hover over the box once you have already marked attendance if you want to change it (a small 'cross' will appear in the top corner).

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