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tagged "SS Newsletters"

How can I add a user to a group or newsletter list?

Firstly, you need to go to the SportSuite Dasboard click on 'CSP admin' and then click on 'Manage Groups'. Secondly you need to use the search folters to select the particular user(s) you wish to add to your group or newsletter list. Once you have found your user(s), click to box next to the names to add them, you then can use the drop downs to choose the relevant user group and/or newsletter and click the 'Save' button.

How can I export a SportSuite Newsletter?

If you want to send you newsletter out using a different mailing system such as mailchimp then you can export the newsletter. When creating or editing a newsletter, click export to view the HTML and text codes that you need to copy and paste into the relevant external newsletter system.

How can I manage SportSuite Newsletter lists?

Managing newsletter lists allows you to view who receives certain newsletters. You can also view the status of the newsletter, the type of newsletter (automatic, public or private) and the recipients. Clicking on the recipients will allow you to see which users have unsubscribed from the newsletter, along with this shows the date they unsubscribed also. Clicking on the recipients will bring you to the user management page where you can create a user or export users. Along with this you can search for particular users.

For more information about how to manage newsletter lists along with the users please look on the SportSuite Newsletter admin guide.

If I schedule a newsletter for the future and but include jobs / activities etc that expire before it is sent, will it send with broken links?

When you create a newsletter you are "cherry picking" specific jobs/events etc, therefore if you do it ahead of time it's possible that they will of expired by the time they are sent. The links will still work, so not broken, but will obviously say "expired" or similar on the page.

If they are deleted they will likely be auto-removed from the newsletter, however.

What happens if I enable tracking?

When you create a newsletter the last question is "Enable Tracking", if this is selected as yes then the system will track which links in the newsletter have been clicked on. The admin can then see this report by going into the sent newsletter list and clicking 'view report' for the newsletter they want.

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