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If you have any questions about SportSuite or any of its modules, we may already have this covered for you.

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How can I link my activity to a register?

Activity sessions that are added by CSPs can be easily linked to the registers system. When you add an activity session to the activity finder, as an admin there is the option to create a register for that activity. Alternatively as an admin the 'create register' button will appear on the description of the activity.

How can I manage internal volunteer opportunities?

When adding specific roles to a volunteer opportunity you have the option to restrict applications to a certain user group in SportSuite Core. For example you may have a role which you only want your leadership academy to apply for. Then if the user clicks the 'apply now' button and for whatever reason they do not meet the requirements, or are not in a particular user group then they will not be able to apply for the role. Once a user has submitted an application the admin who set up the opportunity will receive a notification in their dashboard. Next, on the opportunities page click the 'view applications' button to view any application that have been submitted. All applications will then appear and you are able to view each application individually or download all as an excel file. If you have SportSuite forms then you are also able to use this application process to create a register for the event on the day, and mark attendance of the volunteers. Once you have reviewed an application, you can send them a personalised response through the system and set their status as successful, pending, or unsuccessful.

How do I add a Form to a cPortals webpage?

First you need to make a widget for the Form. Then edit the webpage you want to add the form onto, and select the 'SportSuite' element (where you can select text, image, header etc).

Add the SportSuite element to the page and choose the widget from the dropdown list.

How do I add inputters into my register?

Inputters are staff who have been approved to update the register, this could be CSP admins, staff and/or your coach leading this session. Use the search box to add inputters to the register and then 'tick' the box and click 'add selected'.

For more information in detail please find this in the admin guides.

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If you have any questions about SportSuite or any of its modules, we may already have this covered for you.