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How do I delete an activity record?

Hover over the activity in the timeline > click edit > click delete

How do I delete my activity tracker account?

To delete just you Activity Tracker Account go to: Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Settings > Delete > Confirm.

To delete your entire SportSuite account with your local CSP go to: Dashboard > Account > Delete. Deleting your account this way will remove your user profile and all of its data from SportSuite. Please note this action is irreversible and your data cannot be recovered.

How do I duplicate activity that I have done at the same time for the same duration for the last 3 weeks?

Log the activity once > hover over the activity in the timeline > click copy > change the date, and any other details that need changing > save > repeat process if necessary.

How do I export my activity data?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > View All (at bottom, under timeline) > Export

How do I import my data from the Workplace Challenge system into the SportSuite Activity Tracker?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Connect Apps > Workplace Challenge Connect > Log in to Workplace Challenge > Accept permissions

I can't see my Google Fit activities

If you have just completed or added an activity to Google Fit, it may take a while for Activity Tracker to be able to see Google Fit activities.

Also note, automatic tracks (the ones that you don't do anything to track) will only appear if they have been converted to an Google Fit activity. This is normally done by naming the Google Fit activity. If you manually added an activity or you started tracking an activity manually, these will be imported to Activity Tracker.

I use Fitbit, why do my Activity Timeline and Challenges have a different totals?

Unlike other wearables, Fitbit provides TWO streams of data per user; your Activities and your Daily Steps. Unfortunately, Fitbit includes steps performed as part of your Activities into your Daily Total i.e. you may take 10,000 steps across an entire day, which includes performing 2,000 steps during football training - but Fitbit will send us both the Football Activity and the Daily Steps - giving you a total of 12,000 and duplicating the entry.

To remove this duplication, Activities provides the figure for your Points Total and Daily Steps provides the figure for your Step Total. Therefore the total figures shown on any Challenge Leaderboard does not include any duplications.

What counts as active travel?

Active travel is any activity that you undertake as part of a journey. This could be to work, to the shops or to the park. It is for journey's where you have chosen not to drive or use public transport.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

If upon log in you have forgotten your password, simply click the forgotten log in link, enter your email address that you signed up with and the system will email you a reset password link.

Why isn't my personal tracking device synching with the Activity Tracker?

Devices such as Fitbit, GoogleFit etc each have different ways of collecting and presenting data. As such, we 'pull in' that data periodically - sometimes overnight. Therefore if it appears that your data isn't showing, please wait 24 hours to be sure. After which time, if you still have not data showing please disconnect and reconnect your device - then wait a further 24 hours for the synch to complete.

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If you have any questions about SportSuite or any of its modules, we may already have this covered for you.