FAQs - tagged "SS Activity Tracker"

tagged "SS Activity Tracker"

Can I take part in Activity Tracker walking challenges in a wheelchair?

Yes, you can either select to record your activity as 'self-propelled wheelchair' or 'walking' and add a distance travelled. We use that distance to calculate average steps.

How are challenge leaderboard averages calculated?

The averages on the Challenge Leaderboards are calculated by summing all of the values of "Active" members in a team and dividing it by the number of "Active" members in that team. "Pending" members are not included in the calculation. Please make sure all of your member approvals have been accepted that need to be accepted.

How are the points calculated in the activity tracker?

The points are calculated based on Metabolic Equivalents (METs), MET is the ratio of a person's working metabolic rate relative to their resting metabolic rate. One MET is defined as the energy cost of sitting quietly and is equivalent to a caloric consumption of 1kcal/kg/hour. To see the reference table of METs used click here.

How do I change an activity record?

Hover over the activity in the timeline > click edit > make the change > click save

How do I change my activity tracker account privacy?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Settings > Privacy Settings

How do I change my activity tracker screen name?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Settings > About You

How do I change my password?

Dashboard > Account > Change Password

How do I connect my Google Fit account?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Connect Apps > Google Fit Connect > Log in to Google > Accept permissions

Please note, automatically detected activities (the ones that you don't do anything to track) will only appear if they have been converted to an Google Fit activity. This is normally done by naming the Google Fit activity. If you manually added an activity or you started tracking an activity manually, these will be imported to Activity Tracker.

How do I connect my Strava account?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Connect Apps > Strava Connect > Log in to Strava > Accept permission

How do I connect to my Fitbit account to the SportSuite Activity Tracker?

Dashboard > Activity Tracker > Connect Apps (Watch Icon) > Fitbit Connect > Log in to Fitbit > Accept permissions

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