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tagged "SS Activity Finder"

How can I access an Open Data feed?

Our Activity Finder feeds can be found at https://www.sportsuite.co.uk/openactive. Our data is formatted as an RPDE feed, and our Activity Finder data is using the OpenActive Opportunity Model.

All of our other feeds are available from a centralised location at https://www.sportsuite.co.uk/opendata After filling out the form, you will be sent an email with your unique access key. Keys are only valid for a particular feed - if you would like data from another feed you will need a second key.

How can I add or manage booking information?

this section is on the part where you add or edit an activity. This can only be seen by CSP admins, as an admin you can link registers to activity sessions and manage bookings for that activity session through the system.

How can I link my activity to a register?

Activity sessions that are added by CSPs can be easily linked to the registers system. When you add an activity session to the activity finder, as an admin there is the option to create a register for that activity. Alternatively as an admin the 'create register' button will appear on the description of the activity.

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