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tagged "SS A-Z"

Can we hide National campaigns and programmes from our A-Z?

Yes, admins can click on them and select 'hide'. They will still be visible to admins but 'highlighted' so you can select to 'unhide' them if you want. The public will not be bald to see anything that is hidden though.

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How can I edit a sport on the A-Z module?

Only admin users can use this feature. When you click admin on the A-Z page, you can click on whatever sport and edit or allow that sport to be exposed on the database.

Tags: SS A-Z

How do we update 'contacts' in the A-Z?

Contacts are managed within each sport. They aren't linked to the database but can be added from the database when creating a new one.

If a contact is updated, the quickest way to update the sport contact would be to delete the existing one and then add the updated one again from the database.

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If we edit the A-Z text locally but change our mind, can we revert it back to national text?

Whatever is left blank is taken over by the national default. So if you change your mind with a summary or description, you just need to remove all of the text.

Tags: SS A-Z

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