Can I take part in Activity Tracker walking challenges in a wheelchair?

Yes, you can either select to record your activity as 'self-propelled wheelchair' or 'walking' and add a distance travelled. We use that distance to calculate average steps.

Can we hide National campaigns and programmes from our A-Z?

Yes, admins can click on them and select 'hide'. They will still be visible to admins but 'highlighted' so you can select to 'unhide' them if you want. The public will not be bald to see anything that is hidden though.

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How are challenge leaderboard averages calculated?

The averages on the Challenge Leaderboards are calculated by summing all of the values of "Active" members in a team and dividing it by the number of "Active" members in that team. "Pending" members are not included in the calculation. Please make sure all of your member approvals have been accepted that need to be accepted.

How are the points calculated in the activity tracker?

The points are calculated based on Metabolic Equivalents (METs), MET is the ratio of a person's working metabolic rate relative to their resting metabolic rate. One MET is defined as the energy cost of sitting quietly and is equivalent to a caloric consumption of 1kcal/kg/hour.

How can I access an Open Data feed?

Our Activity Finder feeds can be found at https://www.sportsuite.co.uk/openactive. Our data is formatted as an RPDE feed, and our Activity Finder data is using the OpenActive Opportunity Model.

All of our other feeds are available from a centralised location at https://www.sportsuite.co.uk/opendata After filling out the form, you will be sent an email with your unique access key. Keys are only valid for a particular feed - if you would like data from another feed you will need a second key.

How can I add a new session on SportSuite Registers?

Sessions can be added one at a time, or for re-occurring sessions you can add them in bulk (if they follow a set pattern – i.e daily, monthly, every other month etc.) Name each individual session to easily distinguish between them and adding a single session at a time brings up a new line underneath the previous sessions.

When you select 'add multiple sessions' there are a few questions that need to be answered to generate the sessions.Once you have selected the 'repeats' then 'repeats every' drops down. For example to repeat everyday select '1' as shown. To repeat every other day for example then you would select '2'. Also, you can select how long the sessions repeats occur for. Once you click 'generate' then all the session will appear in the session list, so that you can name them. At this point if the dates are not quite right then they can be easily edited, or even deleted.

How can I add a user to a group or newsletter list?

Firstly, you need to go to the SportSuite Dasboard click on 'CSP admin' and then click on 'Manage Groups'. Secondly you need to use the search folters to select the particular user(s) you wish to add to your group or newsletter list. Once you have found your user(s), click to box next to the names to add them, you then can use the drop downs to choose the relevant user group and/or newsletter and click the 'Save' button.

How can I add a user to the SportSuite system?

Firstly, you need to go to the SportSuite Dashboard and click on 'CSP Admin', then you need to select 'Manage Users' and click on 'Create User'. Secondly, fill out the details including the users name and email address and set them a password to use and then click the 'Save' button to finish. Finally, the user will receive an email telling them they now have an account on your site. You should encourage them to log in, update their profile and change their password.

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How can I add an opportunity to the system if I do not have the necessary needed amount of information to add it?

Unfortunately you will not be able to add the opportunity to the system. This applies to all modules on the SportSuite system. The required information is needed to allow users to find out basic information about the fund, activity, event, etc.

All information that is necessary is accompanied with an asterix (*).

How can I add or manage booking information?

this section is on the part where you add or edit an activity. This can only be seen by CSP admins, as an admin you can link registers to activity sessions and manage bookings for that activity session through the system.

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