What is SportSuite?

Make Your Website a Team Player

SportSuite is a set of web modules designed by, with, and for Sport and Physical Activity Organisations. Very much centred around its users, SportSuite makes your website work harder giving you more time to focus on the fun stuff!

SportSuite Events


Bookings / Tickets

  • We link to your payment gateway (one-off set-up fee)
  • We do not take any money from the transactions, simply take the user from your website to the payment gateway
  • Express checkout, and add to basket options available
  • Can set up offline payment
  • Abandoned bookings management
  • Ability to create multiple tickets
  • Ability to add discounts to tickets
  • Create custom booking forms to collect all the information you need
  • Lead booker can book on multiple attendees
  • You are able to set the limit of attendees / orders per booking
  • You have the ability to add manual (phone) bookings
  • Can add links to external booking systems (for example for partners or national / international events)
  • CSV downloads of booking and attendee data
  • See how many tickets are left, the booking button is automatically removed if the event has reached capacity
  • Financial reports are shown in the "Stock Room" withthe ability to see "bestsellers", "best customers", average transaction value, etc.
  • Bookings are linked to the user and displayed in each individuals' user analytics page to create a single view of a user's interaction with SportSuite. This view includes: logins, newsletter engagement, order history, registers an attendee of, registers able to mark attendance for, activity session bookings, and actions across SportSuite, such as adding content

Event Finder

  • Keyword, postcode, distance, event type, date, sport / activity, campaign, and programmes search filters available to users to find events
  • Can share events nationally or with neighbouring clients to increase the ways a user living or working across boundaries can find out about your events
  • The display is based on the user's postcode if logged in or the client's postcode for guests
  • Can have a course only feed
  • Widget builder to be able to display event listing of specific types of events in other areas across your website

Event Details

  • Able to add multiple dates to a single event
  • Link events to venues, organisations, campaigns, programmes, sport / activities for extra promotion across your website
  • Can create invite-only events
  • Share to social media buttons on each event
  • No limit on the number of events or attendees
  • Able to attach documents, add logos and images
  • Can copy events and then change details
  • Approval / Pending ability if you don't want to push events live on the website straight away
  • Have a campaign specific feeds

What Our Customers Say

Their SportSuite product is the backbone of our customer and website data service.

Yorkshire Sport

Yorkshire Sport, Active Partnership

FAQs & Support

If you have any questions about SportSuite or any of its modules, we may already have this covered for you.