What is SportSuite?

Make Your Website a Team Player

SportSuite is a set of web modules designed by, with, and for Sport and Physical Activity Organisations. Very much centred around its users, SportSuite makes your website work harder giving you more time to focus on the fun stuff!

SportSuite Core

SportSuite Core is the baseline experience for all users that gives you the power to make your mark by creating your own personal profile and connecting you with others.


User Database

  • Each user has an individual profile which collects information about them, such as demographics and interests
  • User management area which allows admins to search through the database to find users
  • Ability to "ghost" users to see the website as they would to help deal with any queries
  • Each individual user has an "analytics" page which is a single view of that user - this includes logins, newsletter engagement, order history, registers they are a part of, events attended, past booked on activities and the action they take on your website
  • Create user groups to categorise users based on information you know about them, e.g. Heads of P.E, Board Members, Workplace Health Champions

Organisation (Club / Facility) Directory

  • National directory of organisations which displays information based on the user's postcode. If the user is not signed in, the organisation displayed is based upon distance from a postcode chosen by the client. This makes it easy for individuals who live on boundaries of CSP areas to find the information that they are looking for, as they do not need to leave your site
  • Individual users can link themselves to a club and say whether they are a player, parent, coach, volunteer, official, supporter, patron, employee, secretary, teacher or safeguarding officer for that organisation
  • Individuals that are signed up to your database can add organisations to your directory
  • Individuals can request to have admin rights of an organisations profile. This means that they are able to edit the content, and promote opportunities in the SportSuite ActivityFinder, SportSuite Workforce opportunity feed, SportSuite Events feed and SportSuite Jobs feed
  • Permissions in place, that client admins approve any organisations and opportunities added by individual users before it goes live on the website
  • The ability to archive organisations that you know may have now folded, disbanded or closed so that you can keep a record of the information on the system without it being live for the public to see


  • Have the ability to pull off specific CSV reports on your users, based on any information collected in their user profile, e.g. BME males aged 16-25 living in "X" district and interested in hockey
  • Can also pull of specific CSV reports on organisations in the directory, e.g. table Tennis clubs in "X" district that cater for under 13s


  • Our widget builder increases the number of ways users can find information on your own website, but also for use on external partners website to drive traffic back to your website
  • Listing Widgets and Finder Widgets are available to all modules purchased

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